Why Support the NISC?

Membership fees and sponsorships supplement the NISC’s operating costs and expenses related to programmatic activities and the provision of member benefits. Supporting the NISC can provide great value to sponsoring corporations, NISC member organizations, and the citizens and clients they collectively serve.

Current NISC Sponsors

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Value of NISC Sponsorship

  • Serve the public safety community and help shape the future of incident management information sharing—The NISC offers access to key decision- and policy-makers across governmental and non-governmental organizations. With your sponsorship, you gain the opportunity to educate leaders on industry trends; learn about needs and requirements at local, state, and federal levels; and influence future research and development efforts.
  • Enhance the value and efficacy of your company’s products or services—Access to NISC members provides you the opportunity to vet and validate your company’s products or services with the practitioner community—an opportunity that can be applied to the development of effective use cases, identification of targeted requirements, capability testing and evaluation, and gathering input on future directions.
  • Strengthen your company’s capacity for information sharing and business continuity—NISC members have access to best practices, tools, and other resources geared toward helping companies improve information sharing and management efforts. Implementing and improving ‘steady-state’ practices that can quickly be used during an event allows for quicker business recovery.
  • Help build community resilience—By supporting the NISC’s ability to serve its members, you help provide resources to practitioners who are building capacity for public safety and incident management information sharing—efforts that have a direct impact on the communities and citizens they serve.
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Download the NISC Corporate Sponsor Guide to learn more about this exciting opportunity, including the various levels of sponsorship available and their associated benefits. When you are ready to become a sponsor, please contact the NISC Executive Director, Sean McSpaden at smcspaden@nisconsortium.org.

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Support the NISC

As an independent nonprofit consortium, the NISC is funded by grants, corporate sponsors, and donations from supporters like you. Any amount helps up continue our mission of bringing together data owners and users to improve best practices for information sharing.