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CHECKPOINT 16 Exercise Recording
CHECKPOINT 16 After Action Report

What is CHECKPOINT 16?

On May 11, 2016, the NISC launched its first information sharing exercise called CHECKPOINT 16!  The virtual tabletop exercise provided an opportunity for over 60 participants from across the country and internationally to test and evaluate model web applications for situational awareness and decision support.

Using a national power outage scenario, participants tested and evaluated vetted tools, apps, and templates that focused on the ability to locally manage, share, and update the status of pre-defined essential elements of information (EEIs).  The exercise also tested how selected tools may assist in the coordination of joint planning efforts, including facilitation of the request and acquisition of resources. The CHECKPOINT 16 exercise also made use of a custom-built app called the Battle Rhythm Manager to help coordinate exercise injects in a virtual environment.

Interested in learning more?

Login to the NISC Member Portal and launch the CHECKPOINT 16 Viewer to play with the Battle Rhythm Manager, see the exercise injects, and test the tools and apps featured during the exercise. You can also read the CHECKPOINT 16 After Action Report to learn more about the exercise.