Our activities enhance information sharing at all levels of public safety and emergency management.

activities- EEIs


The CHECKPOINT 16 exercise will be a facilitated, virtual, tabletop exercise focused on testing and evaluating vetted model web applications that support situational awareness and decision support. Participants will be NISC members that could include local, state, federal, and private sector partners.

activities- EEIs

Essential Elements of Information

The NISC has been gathering best practices and guidance on essential elements of information (EEIs), and in March 2015 published the EEI Publication Guidance. The NISC member portal also contains a variety of EEI resources.

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Local First Responder Project

The Local First Responder Project addresses information sharing at the local level, with activities in Charlotte, NC and Charlottesville, VA. The project focuses on day-to-day information sharing and information management.

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The IMIS-SC is a White House subcommittee co-chaired by the NISC and DHS S&T. The group intends to gather and share recommendations on standardization of national incident management information sharing capabilities.

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Virtual USA

In 2013, a partnership was formed to transition elements of the Virtual USA program to the NISC. The NISC is now testing and evaluating new information sharing platforms to address needs identified in 5 years of Virtual USA pilots.