Launched in June 2012, the National Information Sharing Consortium (NISC) strives to improve the state of public safety and emergency management information sharing and interoperability through its commitment to four areas of responsibility—sharing, connecting, innovating, and leading. No single function is performed in isolation—they are all interconnected, collectively enabling the NISC to foster capacity building to all of our members on multiple levels.

As an independent consortium, the NISC brings together organizations involved in all aspects of homeland security, public safety, emergency management and emergency response. Our members come together to improve technology and governance related to information sharing. By working together they are able to leverage each other’s experiences to save resources and collaborate on building new solutions and best practices.

Our Vision

  • Common, shared situational awareness capabilities will exist in every state, territory, and the District of Columbia.
  • Information will be found, discovered, and shared effortlessly across all levels of government.
  • Every community across the nation will be resilient in the face of disaster or emergency.

Our Values

  • Excellence: Service, Practice, and Leadership…
  • Diversity: Profession, Jurisdiction, Geographic…
  • Integrity: Professionalism, Commitment, and Loyalty…
  • Dedication: Courage, Resolve, and Passion…

…to help save lives, reduce human suffering, better protect property, and build a safer, more secure nation.


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History & Leadership

The NISC was formed in 2012 after a group of like-minded innovators decided to maximize their efforts and address common problems by working together. Read more about the history of the NISC. The NISC is overseen by a Board of Directors made up of practitioners with diverse experiences.

Guiding Documents

Review our (2012-2016) to find out more about the significant happenings, activities, accomplishments of the National Information Sharing Consortium (NISC) since our founding in July 2012.

Guiding Documents

Use the links below to explore our guiding documents.

Strategic Plan

NISC Strategic Plan


NISC Charter


NISC Bylaws